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High quality logo for your own business

The logo is one of the most important elements in the corporate identity of a company. A good logo should be able to convey at first glance what a particular company stands for and remember well. While self-employed and sole traders start out with a simple logo or perhaps no logo at all, professional companies […]

Part 2 Website

Basis for a successful website (2)

Structure & navigation of your website Quality criteria for good sites are already defined. If you stick to it, which is certainly a degree of success from the outset. In addition to the content comprehensible concept wants Internet users especially fast page, clear overview on the Site and always up to date. Information must be […]

Basuc Website Part 1

Basis for a successful website (1)

Solid project planning is the basis for a successful website. On a really successful website is immediately recognizable for what it’s there, and whether it worthwhile to view this page accurate. Where text, images, colors and sounds simply were strung together, rarely an Internet visitor gets stuck. The magic word on the road to good […]