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Basis for a successful website (1)

Solid project planning is the basis for a successful website. On a really successful website is immediately recognizable for what it’s there, and whether it worthwhile to view this page accurate. Where text, images, colors and sounds simply were strung together, rarely an Internet visitor gets stuck. The magic word on the road to good website is called “design”.

Behind the term but much more than just the meaning from the lexicon “pattern” or “design”. It is rather to “design” – the deliberate use of elements – and even to a specific “intent” – that is a goal that requires prudent advance planning. “Good design means relevant information”. But what is relevant information – and what needs good design can? Who wants to present a truly successful website, must be clear, especially on content, structure, navigation and appearance.

Content & target your website

The first question on the way to successful website is: What is the theme and the goal of your website? Maybe you want to introduce yourself, or you have a hobby or a topic you want to share with other internet users. You may also want to make online transactions. The more diverse the opportunities on the Internet, the more important is purposeful appearance of your website. The decisive factor is the processing of your topic: Create a detailed outline of all thematic points that you want to display on your website. This list provides you with both content levels that you will need later for building your pages.

The second question relates to your specific target group: who exactly do you want to address with your website? Only if you set in advance who will be your future visitors in the Internet, you can make your website content and graphics so that it is also interesting for exactly these Internet users. A computer novice will look hardly a page a second time he has been seen on the home page of sheer technical terms only station. In this case, the choice of words on visitor must be adapted, which had been nothing to do with the computer world. Technical terms must be used in small bites and always explained in any case – for example, by a little explanation in an additional window that opens when the user clicks on the technical term.

Information and communication (e-mail) are still central motives for the purchase of online access. So you thinking about what you would expect as a visitor from a particular website. So you can meet the expectations of your target group. Keep in mind when designing your website, the working environment of your Internet visitors. Local conditions are often crucial, as someone experienced and valued your website For example, at high light in the workplace are elements on your site, which have only a low contrast to the background, unreadable. The use of noises, sounds and background music and other effects must be carefully considered, if he should not put you off. The technical features of the user sets limits. This can be helpful, the parallel use of two complementary elements. If a user, for example, Problems with its sound output, so he can read about a passage read aloud at the same time printed on the screen. Go to your target audience from the best of the “worst possible case”. So you can without too much compromise quickly gain loyal visitors – your best advertisement!

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